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BORDA ATV Training Courses

Training 4 Offroad can offer a range of ATV training courses to meet your needs. The objective is to equip drivers / riders with the very latest skills and knowledge to operate an ATV in off highway conditions for work and private use. The below courses are for both Sit-in and Sit-Astride machines.

  • Basic, Standard, Higher and Loads & Implements the Association's minimum recommended standard for operating an ATV under day light conditions and may require further training for specific conditions, machines and equipment.
  • Requires continuous close supervision from a BORDA Accredited Trainer
  • Recommended Training Ratios
    2:1 ratio with 1 or 2 machines
    4:1 ratio with minimum of 2 machines

Training Levels

BORDA recognises 4 levels of ATV Training

Basic Level:

For operating ATV's on mild gradients with reasonable traction. CP 9993 Units 1 - 4 Course duration around half day

Standard Level:

For operating ATV's on moderate gradients with reasonable traction. CP 9993 Units 1 - 5 Basic Level must be completed prior attempting the Standard Level. Course duration around one day

Higher level:

For operating ATV's on steep gradients where traction may be lost. CP9993 Units 1 - 6 Basic & Standard Levels must be completed before attempting Higher Level. Requires good competence at Standard Level and involves advanced techniques in higher risk situations. Course duration around two days.

Loads & Implements:

  • For operating ATV's with loads and towing equipment CP9993 Units 7 and 8
  • Can be added to any level , course duration around half day.
  • BORDA's recommended maximum gradients to operate an unloaded ATV assuming reasonable grip and run out areas: Straight ascent / descent 30 degrees. Side slope 20 degrees: SUBJECT to manufacturers limits of operation
  • Always refer to manufacturers handbook for specific operational limits which will overrule advice given in CP9993